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Sean Sykes

UK based 'Briiv' has raised over £190,000 to bring about a brand new and eco-friendly way of improving in-door air quality, thanks to developing a revolutionary, natural air filter. The Briiv Air Purifier brings together the power of all-natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials to deliver air purification performance that equals that of conventional devices. Looking for a way to benefit from 'countryside quality air' inside homes everywhere, Briiv designed and created a unique, innovative system which utilises a powerful four-stage “quad-core” filter process - using 100% biodegradable and natural materials which can be composted at the end of their usable life. The filter includes: dried moss, coconut husk, activated charcoal, and Astino wool. Briiv have recognised that for many, city living comes with the downside of poorer air quality, allergens, pathogens and airborne toxins all of which can have a negative impact on health and well-being. The new Briiv Air Purifier will provide a completely natural, energy efficient and eco-friendly way to cleaner air quality in homes across the world. In addition, the device can also be used in smart-homes through its Alexa and Google integration, for absolute control and convenience. In addition to its sustainable credentials, the Briiv Air Purifier brings stylish and contemporary aesthetics to any environment. Creating a breath of fresh air from the traditional “white goods” image. Thanks to the proven efficiency of the 100% natural filters, the purifier will remove harmful toxins, animal dander, mould spores and particles from a 4m x 4m room (average living room) in just 30 minutes.

100% biodegradable filters and is made from 90% natural and sustainable materials. Efficient natural filters can even be composted down fully, to zero waste, within 3-4 months.

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