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First Collated Nail Made of Wood


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The special design of the LIGNOLOC® nail tip and the large amount of heat generated by friction when the nail is driven in cause the lignin of the wooden nail to weld with the surrounding wood to form a substance-to-substance joint. Wooden nails behave differently to nails made of metal. Apart from the mechanical differences of the materials, wooden nails have a significantly rougher surface. This natural surface roughness is required to facilitate the lignin welding process. The LIGNOLOC® pneumatic nailers from FASCO® supply the necessary power for this process, because, in principle, the higher the insertion velocity, the better the nail welds. The phenomenon of lignin welding was established in 1998. The lignin welding effect of LIGNOLOC® has since been verified by BECK in collaboration with scientists at Hamburg University by means of UV-scanning of the cell structure. The European Journal of Wood also picked up this subject in a scientific article in January 2018.

Beech Wood

diameter 3,7 mm / 4,7 mm / 5,3 mm Lengths 38 up to 90 mm

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