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Modular Plant

Vertical & Wall Planter

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BIO360° Organic Architecture

Main Designer: Carlos Andres Ramirez. Collaboration: Catherine Caicedo


Modular Plant is a "modular" or "Green Lego" type system developed by BIO360 ° that allows almost anyone to build their own garden or vertical orchard in different spaces in an easy and fast way. Modular Plant and Modular Plant Wall are composed of a Porta-capsule and a capsule, in the capsule we find the plant and its passive irrigation system, the Porta-capsule is the container that contains and protects the capsule. The capsule is the most important component, since the capsule holder can vary in material or shape. Modular Plant and Modular Plant Wall have a passive irrigation system that allows plants to drink water when they need it, reducing water stress in them and allowing healthier plants while saving water, also our passive irrigation system It can give us up to three months of autonomy for the plant and its hydration. (more info attached in word document)

Recycled or reprocessed corrugated cardboard, recycled, reprocessed or new PET bottles. Certified pine wood, chipboard or laminated wood. Organic substrates and plants.

Modular Plant: 35 cm * 33.3 cm * 20 cm Modular Plant Wall: 20 cm * 20 cm * 20 cm * 48 cm

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BIO360° Organic Architecture